Weird How My Memory Works

Weird How My Memory Works

It's funny: I'm watching this video about a family-friendly robot (namely, the video above). In the video is Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, who researched robotics at MIT.

I saw her, and thought, "Oh, I know who she is! She was featured on NOVA!" I look it up, and sure enough, she was, back in 2006. Eight years ago.

Here's what's funny: I can remember a woman who was featured for about ten minutes on a program about eight years ago, but I forget my iPhone at work (which I did Friday, so I haven't had it all weekend).

But which is it that triggered my memory: was it the fact that the video above is in a field of interest to me (namely, technology) or that she is a particularly attractive female?

The brain woggles.

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