Long Time No Hear

Long Time No Hear

So, it's been a while since I've written anything on this blog. I've been busy with work and other crazy nonsense.

I have a few stories to tell, but one that came up today kind of made me chuckle.

This afternoon, I had a doctor's appointment before I went to work. So I started walking toward the bus stop. I got about halfway there, and realized that I didn't have my work ID which I need to get into the building. I had a decision to make: go back and get it and miss the bus or forget about it, catch the bus, and go on my merry way. I didn't have my ID yesterday; there are other legal ways to get in the building, but I have to be a good example to the guys who report to me, so I went back to get it.

When I got back, I couldn't find it where I normally keep it, on a table just inside the door. Now I'm starting to panic just a little bit so I start looking around.

I went around my apartment for about five minutes before I realized that it was in my shirt pocket the whole time.

So, yeah, I'm basically basking in the glow of my own genius.

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