Weird Dream

Weird Dream

Last night, I had the weirdest dream I've had in a while.

I dreamed that I was a private investigator named James Montgomery MacGregor whom I played with a horrendous Scottish accent, and my partner (played by Kathryn Erbe) whose name I never learned.

We were hired by an aquarium to find out why their sea animals were dying. I told them that I had been to the aquarium just a month before for a wedding and they were fine. The director told me that the animals had begun dying off a week before.

We visited the woman whose trust fund financed the aquarium. She was some kind of scientist (played by Tricia Helfer) who worked in some 18th century labyrinthine brick-faced building. To get to her lab, it required Kathryn Erbe and I to walk up and down stairs—up one stairs cross over a landing, and back down another—4over and over again.

Tricia said that she didn't have anything to do with the dying fish, but she wanted us to find out who did.

It seemed that I studiously did not learn anyone's names. I made some kind of off-hand remark to my partner about not knowing her name.

We started back towards the exit, walking up and down stairs. I complained about how many stairs there were. But as I was walking through the stairwells, I realized that I could hear conversations from the rest of the building echoing through the stairwells. I stopped, getting separated from Kathryn Erbe.

I overheard a conversation that mentioned a book someone had written about the aquarium, and predicted the deaths there. I was trying to zero in on the source of the conversation when I woke up.

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