A Funny Conversation

A Funny Conversation

Today I had a SMS chat with a lady friend "G", who's stuck in the ass end of South Carolina right now and wants to come back up to New York where people are civilized (he said ironically). This is a paraphrasing of that conversation (names and personal details have been changed).

"G", 12:19PM:

I feel stuck here. Please punch me if I ever get home, just as a reminder to never leave again.

Me, 12:22PM:

Okay. I'm working on a plan.

"G", 12:27PM:

A plan? A master plan? Austin Powers, 007, Captain Francis Blake type of plan?

Me, 12:27PM:


"G", 12:28PM:

Woohoo! All my plans have been foiled so far.

Me, 12:29PM:

It's going to shock and amaze you. But I need to go to Home Depot to pick up a few things... :D

"G", 12:31PM:


Me, 12:36PM: My Plan's Supplies


"G", 12:38PM:

MMmmmm cherry cheesecake. It'll go good with roasted rubber duck. ;P

Me, 8:15PM:

A crude diagram of my plan

"G", 8:17PM:

LOL! I love that plan.

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