Thoughts from Tom's Unmedicated Brain, volume 1

Thoughts from Tom's Unmedicated Brain, volume 1

I propose an Amendment to the US Constitution allowing states to back out of the Union.

There would be some caveats, however:

  1. The state in question would have to pay the United States back any federal money used in building up the state's infrastructure minus the state's contributions to said expenditure. This is for all expenditures since the beginning of the Union. For example, if Bumblefuck contributed $3 trillion to the US treasury, of which $1 trillion was earmarked for Bumblefuck’s infrastructure, and a total of $30 trillion was spent, Bumblefuck owes the Treasury $29 trillion dollars.

  2. They cannot use the US Constitution. They must draft their own.

  3. They will be treated as a “foreign” nation, meaning that anyone traveling from Bumblefuck to the US has to follow the US’s immigration laws and vice versa.

  4. All citizens who remain in the state in question for more than a year after the state’s Declaration of Independence have effectively revoked their citizenship and lose all rights and privileges that such citizenship conveys.

  5. The state is responsible for its own security, barring an alliance with the US like any other foreign power.

  6. No backsies: once this decision is made, they can’t come crawling back.

  7. If that state is Texas, all Representatives and Senators of the remaining States shall sing a rousing rendition of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

Unmedicated Tom has given this a lot of thought.

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